This body of work looks at loneliness and loss. It comments on the way we connect things, locations and feelings to those we hold, or once held, close, and how we experience yearning and sadness when surrounded by the things we connect to that person, after they have gone. (2015)



The concept for this series was the idea that my generation feel a need to be part of a group and to fit in with others, while also wanting to be individual and unusual. The side profile is the one part of our bodies that is the most different to anyone else. We may have a doppelgänger but from the side profile, would look totally different. Shooting each model in a similar way connoted to the need to fit in with each other. (2016)



This project was something fun for me to create. I realised I was seeing a lot of the same rubbish and litter on the floors; gum, cigarette butts, bottle tops etc. I wanted to try and create something totally different and unrecognisable from them. These were the resulting images. (2016) 



This projects looks at Gender Fluidity and comments on the willingness, of my generation, to talk about and explore this subject openly, while educating, being educated and accepting others. (2016)




Bore was a body of work created off the back of Fluent. It was a chance to get to know each other in more depth, for my model and me, and find out what it was we liked to create and express. There wasn’t any fixed concept except that I wanted it to be Drag based. This model is a Drag King so for her this ‘Dragception’ was something fun and new for all of us. (2016)



These images are experimental pieces, from many different projects. I love to create this kind of work, as it is unusual and unique. I have created work like this since I was doing my A-Levels and is something that always excites and inspires me to push it further. (2014-17)